Monday, March 20, 2017

Evisen Skateboards Releases 'Essence' Board Series Inspired by Japanese Ukiyo-e Artwork

Evisen Skateboards Essence Board Series Japanese Designs - 3750994                                  
  • Japanese skate brand Evisen has just unveiled its latest collection of artistic skate decks. The Essence Series sees the label tap into traditional Japanese art and images to create some colorful, surreal board designs. Combining the classical technique of Ukiyo-e with more modern art styles, the boards capture the playful personality of both Evisen and their riding team. Five of the six decks have been assigned to an individual Evisen rider, including Shinpei Ueno and Akira Imamura, with the sixth design serving as a mashup of the other boards, dedicated to the entire team.
    Traditional Japanese art styles and skateboarding seem to be getting on particularly well at the moment; check out the recent Vans and ROLLICKING collaboration for another dose of Japanese-infused skate culture.

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