Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meet the Gucci Brothers, the Youngest Fashion Icons in London Right Now

For many of us, childhood and teenage years were not a time filled with Gucci wardrobes and other luxury garments. Either we didn’t have the capacity to acquire pieces of that nature, or we simply weren’t interested. For the Claudio brothers that consists of Joel (18), Just (6), Jon (11) and Juven (7), they live and breath high fashion, more specifically Gucci. Ever since streetsnaps of them from London Fashion Week started circulating online, social media quickly took interest and their passion for Gucci at such a young age has breathed even more life into the classic Italian label.
The London-based brothers have an eye for the wide array of luxury fashion brands such as John Galliano and Versace, while they also manage to keep a balance with the more contemporary crop of labels like OFF-WHITE and Gosha Rubchinskiy. We took the opportunity to catch up with Claudios and picked their brains on how they found a passion for the fashion sphere, and their ambitions for the future.

  • How did you get into the realm of fashion, was there something particular that inspired you?
    Jon: Our dad has been into fashion for a long time and so has our mum, they always wore high end
  • brands such as Dolce & Gabanna. I guess we were brought up around clothing.
    When images of you were taken during fashion week, did you think they would circulate as
  • much as they did?
    All: We weren’t expecting for it to take off as much as it did. Fashion week was a huge kick starter
  • to all of this.
    What are some of your favorite brands and why?
    Jon: Gucci is one of my favorite brands because the items are so creative, I love the embroidery. I
  • like Versace also, especially the gold colours but mainly for the flex. I’m also a fan of Gosha
  • Rubchinskiy, he had a collab with Levi’s and produced a fire denim jacket which I love, his kappa
  • collection was also cool.
    Juvan: Versace is my favorite brand, because it stands out a lot, it’s stylish, a lot of our furniture is
  • Versace.
    Joel: For me it has to be Raf Simons, the photo montages that he puts on pieces are insane, it’s putting
  • art on art, it’s so creative. I like some OFF-WHITE pieces, but I’m really picky when it comes to high
  • fashion. John Galliano has some crazy designs, the prints, the materials just everything about it stands
  • out. A$AP Rocky is a huge influencer to the youth culture, also Luka Sabbat, if it wasn’t for them
  • wearing it, I more than likely wouldn’t have been inspired.
    Just: When wearing Gucci it makes me feel happy, but crazy when I’m wearing my Gucci Storm hat!
  • I wear it for myself, I want people to know it’s me and that I’m @IcyJust.
  • At such a young age, how is it possible to get your hands on such high-end pieces, where they
  • passed from family members or bought?
    Jon: So basically all these pieces me, Juvan and Just own were bought for us, my mum loves fashion
  • and lived in Paris for a while which is where the heart of high-end fashion is. We also have family
  • who are in public relations and work within the fashion industry. Joel buys his own clothes with
  • discount or PR.
    How would you describe your styles?
    Just: “Beautiful.”
    Juvan: “Swag.”
    Jon: “Fascinating.”
    Joel: “Quirky.”

    What are some of the biggest fashion mistakes you see?
    Joel & Jon: I think when Zara completely ripped the whole YEEZY Season collection, that was a
  • big mistake.
    Has fashion and style been a common theme in your family?
    Joel: Yeah, as I said, my mum lived in Paris and was very much into fashion, my dad does visual
  • merchandising for Selfridges, H&M, as well as Kenzo, and our auntie is a stylist for Balmain so it
  • runs in the family.
    Can you list out some of the best stores to buy unique pieces?
    Jon, Just & Juvan: The best stores for unique pieces would be Childsplay, which is a kids designer
  • store, Selfridges, Children’s Salon, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.
    Jon: The best one would be Childsplay because they have loads of items especially for our age range.

    How do you think social media has changed the fashion landscape?
    Joel: There’s more people going on social media nowadays, there’s been a drastic change between
  • 2011-2017. Before social media, everyone had to look at magazines, but now it’s up within a click.
    What are some of your goals for the future in terms of career or achievements?
    Juvan: Basketball, and also modelling.
    Joel: I’d like to become a creative director or an art director.
    Just: I just want to be comfortable with the people I hang about with, and be more confident. I know
  • I’m gonna be famous.
    Jon: I’m hoping to get signed by an agency so I’m able to progress and work towards something in
  • the future, as right now I’m currently in school and I’m not doing much. I’d love to model for Gucci
  • one day, any of the high end brands would be amazing. I’ve also been dancing all my life, mainly
  • because I’ve grown up with a very energetic family, I think I could bring dancing and fashion together.
    Photographer: @ben_awin/HYPEBEAST
    StylistIolo Lewis Edwards/@iolsi

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