Tuesday, May 16, 2017

LUXURY STYLE: Chanel's $1,325 USD Boomerang Is Igniting Controversy / This Gold Oyster Paul Newman Is the Most Expensive Daytona Ever Sold at Auction

Chanel Boomerang Fashion Luxury Accessories - 3815277
Chanel’s extensive series of sporting accessories seemingly never fails to draw attention. The French fashion house, steered by the ever-eccentric Karl Lagerfeld, has produced limited series of rugby balls, basketballs, skis, riding whips, surfboards, et al. However, the label is currently embattled in controversy over its wood-and-resin boomerang, which initially released in 2013. The tool is widely used for sports today, but many years ago, it was utilized for fighting and hunting by the Australian Aborigines who presumably invented the object.
The quarrel began this past Monday when makeup artist Jeffree Star posted a photo of the product along with the caption “Having so much fun with my new @Chanel boomerang.” Since then, several angry users fired back at Star with posts showcasing their disapproval (below). According to NYMag, “the boomerang, emblazoned with the French fashion house’s logo, has come under fire for appropriating the culture of Indigenous Australians, who are also among the poorest demographics in Australia.” Having added: “At $1,930, it costs nearly 10 percent of the average income of Indigenous Australians.”
In regards to the attacks, Chanel recently responded in a statement, “Chanel is extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and regrets that some may have felt offended.” The boomerang is currently listed on Chanel’s official website.
Most Expensive Daytona Sold Auction - 3813807
After the last emperor of Vietnam’s Rolex broke the record for the most expensive Rolex in the world sold at an auction yesterday, a gold Daytona, simply known as “The Legend” recently became the second most expensive Rolex, as well as most expensive Daytona ever sold publicly. The gold Oyster Paul Newman Daytona was recently sold for whopping $3,717,906 USD at Philips Geneva Watch Auction. One of only three known yellow gold Oyster Paul Newman Daytonas, the ref. 6263 with a lemon grené dial was won by an unknown bidder after a fierce bidding war with just one other bidder. Check out the “The Legend” above and let us know what you think about the sale.
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