Monday, October 31, 2016



Teyana Taylor Covers 'PAPER' Magazine's "Living For Fashion" Issue “You can be Superwoman. You can have it all…”

Teyana Taylor Paper Magazine cover

  • Hajime Sorayama Transforms His "Sexy Robots" Into Hollywood Stars for His Latest Exhibition Sorayama heads stateside.

    Hajime Sorayama Jacob Lewis Gallery
    Fresh off the unveiling of his upcoming collaboration with XLARGE, iconic Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama is headed stateside to open a brand new exhibition in New York City. Simply dubbed “Sorayama,” the self-titled display will once again be highlighted by the 69-year-old’s signature “Sexy Robots,” in this case transforming Hollywood stars as “Kate Moss becomes a bionic Playboy bunny, Snow White’s queen a dominatrix and Elvis a laser emitting radio transmitter.”
    Sorayama’s exhibition opens October 28 and will remain on display through December 17. If you can’t make it to the display in person, you can check out some of the works that will be highlighted here.
    Jacob Lewis Gallery
    521 West 26th Street, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    United States
    Hajime Sorayama Kate Moss Marilyn Monroe C3P0 R2D2                                
  • Largest Banksy Collection Opens in London The elusive street artist’s work gets a home.

    Banksy Permanent Exhibition Space in London Art Drawings Bunker Show Graffiti

      Stunning Images From the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards Winners were chosen from over 50,000 entries.

      2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards
      "Entwined lives" by Tim Laman (USA)

    1. Never-Before-Seen Basquiat Works Are Coming to X Contemporary Some of Basquiat’s early works will be exhibited in public for the very first time.

      Basquiat Never Before Seen Works X Contemporary
      Jean-Michel Basquiat is getting his first — and long overdue — UK-based exhibition in the form of next year’s “Boom For Real,” but that’s not the only Basquiat-centric news to come out of the art world as of late. Ahead of next year’s showing at London’s Barbican Centre, a bevy of never-before-seen works will hit Miami Basel offshoot X Contemporary next month. Exhibited by Brooklyn’s Bishop Gallery, the collection features paintings, collages and drawings alike — all of which were completed from 1979 to 1981 in the Manhattan apartment of the late artist’s longtime friend, Lonny Lichtenberg. Al Diaz, a former Basquiat collaborator, will be curating the pieces for the exhibition.
      Having “only been seen by a handful of individuals” prior to now, the works will hit Miami’s Nobu Hotel from November 30 through December 4.
      Having had the ability to capture one of the art world’s true greats, a series of Lee Jaffe photographs reveal an intimate look into the process of the legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat. The ability to photograph somebody of Basquiat’s prowess offers newcomers an in-depth link to an important figurehead in the world of pop art.

      Get to Know the Candid 2Pac in the New Photography Book 'UNCATEGORIZED' Raw & uncut Shakur.

      2Pac Photography Book                                

    2. Notorious Meme Artist Lushsux Paints Massive Kanye West "Famous" Mural

      Kanye West Famous Mural Lushsux Painting Street Art
      The troll artist from Melbourne, Australia is back at it. It was only last month when Lushsux had global news outlets in a frenzy due to his controversial Hilary Clinton mural spotted in a suburb of the Australian city. The huge painting initially depicted the democratic presidential candidate in a skimpy swimsuit, but in a provocative move triggered by passersby complaints, the artist decided to veil her frame in a burqa. Recently, the self-proclaimed “world’s first meme artist” sprayed a massive mural portraying three of the naked wax figures from Kanye West’s “Famous” video: Yeezy, Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift.

      Wednesday, October 19, 2016


      PHOTOS BY VAN STYLE ON VISUALAPPAREL.COM :: Night Out :: Bob's Big Boy Classic Car Night

      If you do anything long enough you start to reach a point where you need to challenge yourself. Mentally and creatively. This has been a big thing for me recently. I am opening up my eyes to new opportunities to approach photograph some common settings differently. Last week my friend Travis Jensen mentioned he was going out to the Bob's Big Boy out in Burbank for a classic car night. Now if you live in L.A. you are familiar with the car culture out here in general. This night at Bob's Big Boy brings out a great crowd that loves and shares a common joy for great American automobiles.
      Now while I am not a car guy by any means I took tihs as an opportunity to hang out with some friends and to challenge myself to shoot this event in a way that makes me look different at the subject matter. Rather than focus on making a general photo showcasing the setting and the people there I found my eyes being drawn to the shapes and shadows within the cars themselves.
      I choose to shoot in black & white with my Monochrom camera. Those of you not familiar with this camera, it strictly shoots black & white. No color at all. I found this helpful here as I was not distracted by the colors of these beautiful machines. Instead I was able to focus on the idea at hand. Below are the results of my approach for this project. I hope you enjoy!