Monday, February 15, 2016


Kylie Jenner Officially Signs With PUMA
Last week we reported that a Kylie Jenner x PUMA partnership may be in the works, to which Kanye West full-heartedly stamped out with a few words of his own, rooting for the Kardashian family to stay behind team adidas.
Now, a new report from Nice Kicks confirms the deal has indeed been sealed  thanks to a little visit to the PUMA booth at Agenda Las Vegas. Kylie will be joining current PUMA ambassador Rihanna, who’s been signed with the brand since December 2014, as a brand advocate that will entail a string of collaborative releases and campaigns. Official photoshoots have apparently already taken place.
Stay tuned as we await more news on this story. In the meantime, check out Mr. West’s entertaining tweets of his vote against the new deal here and here.
Kylie Jenner Reportedly Set to Join PUMA

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