Thursday, April 6, 2017


Characters and lettering go hand in hand. Here at Bombing Science we’ve focused a lot on lettering and thought we give some attention to the writers out there holding it down with characters. We hit up some dope character writers and asked them to send us some of their favourite works and a few sentences about their style, here its is!


My style is like a chameleon, I can do just about anything well if I put my mind to it and give it a try. I like to remain unknown because I prefer to be hidden behind the stuff I do, that’s probably why I like to call myself the phantom cat of my crew. And yeah I can do letters as well.
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 I’m from Montréal Canada , I’ve been painting since 2013, and started getting in lettering in 2015. I am part of the Nextime Crew and the reason why I paint women is because I prefer women. I focus in the realistic painting style because I like to give myself the challenge that comes with painting in that style. I like to try different styles because I’m still learning. I prefer lettering but I am not up to the same level that I am with my characters. 
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Whats up! You may have heard of me, but for those who haven’t, I’m NEUK1 originally from Boston Massachusetts! Characters are defiantly my favorite part of the graff culture for the simple fact that they are so versatile in relaying emotion from the artist through there piece. My character style is, in my opinion, the perfect middle ground of a bombing character that also has enough detailed features to portray emotion. True art is emotion driven, mad, sad, happy or whatever you may be feeling at the time, each emotion has a different natural looking outcome and i think its awesome to connect with the viewers that extra step by portraying your emotion through your character without actually saying it through written text on a wall.  
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I like to paint surreal looking monsters
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My name is PSY and my crew is called 2 Hype Tribe. I started doing graffiti in 1983mostly doing  illegal pieces. I was pretty active till the mid 1990’s and after a long break I picked up the old habit again in 2013. My character style is mostly traditional bboys with a sort of realistic lighting and shading. I started doing characters right from the start and now a days rarely make a piece without one, it completes my murals and makes it recognizable. Check my youtube channel to see some time lapse vids of my work
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