Sunday, April 23, 2017


'Spin Dreams' Follows the Life of a Competitive Pole Dancer
In an intriguing two-minute clip, Italian director Francesco Calabrese documents the grueling routine of a competitive pole dancer. Swedish pole dance champion Anna-Maija Nyman shows us what it takes to be an expert at the sport – and it’s nothing like what you see at a gentleman’s club. She endures bloody bruises and hard falls on the road to perfecting her aerial moves.
Calabrese shares in the film’s description that he “wanted to show the sacrifice, commitment and determination required to become a top-ranked competitive pole dancer.” Spin Dreams confirms that any serious athletic endeavor requires pain, tears and concentration. Watch the entire clip above and be prepared to look at pole dancing in a new way.
PhotographerElis Jolie
EditorMarcello Sanna
StylistYosephine Melfi
ProducerCaterina Colombo
DirectorFrancesco Calabrese
Tinashe Sets Her Relationship on Fire in New "Flame" Video – Literally
After getting a first listen of Tinashe‘s new single, “Flame,” we couldn’t wait to see the visuals. Now, we finally get to feast our eyes on the song’s sultry new video. Infused with the song’s soulful lyrics that describe keeping the fire alive in a relationship, the video features glimpses at all the sappy, adorable things that you would expect from a happy couple: being surprised with breakfast in bed, brushing teeth together and of course, lots of cuddling. However, things really start to head south when we get our first glance of the video’s explosive ending via scornful looks and Tinashe dousing the bed in alcohol.
Check out the full “Flame” video above, and don’t forget to check out Tinashe’s collaboration with Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters.

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